Have You Tried Matcha Green Tea?

Though most people know green tea is beneficial to their health, many have not heard of a special green tea that offers many more antioxidants than traditional green tea. Matcha is a special type of green tea that has been grown in Japan and China for centuries. This tea is considered to be a health potion because it protects the body against free radicals and works to keep it healthy and strong. If people are asking what is matcha tea, they should read on for further information.

Matcha is grown in the rich fields of Asian countries, but it is not grown using the same methods as traditional green tea. This tea is carefully sprouted and then shielded from the sun with bamboo mats around two to three weeks before it is to be harvested. This protection helps to shield the plants from chlorophyll loss so they retain a bright green color. It also helps to protect against the breakdown of the vital antioxidants the tea holds.

Once the tea is grown, it is hand picked and then dried. The tea growers carefully remove the stems and veins so only the tender leaves are being processed. These leaves are ground by hand so a rich, silky powder is formed. This unique tea powder is so fine, it can easily mix in with milk, water, juice or any other liquid.

The traditional method of enjoying Matcha forms a thickish cup of tea. This rich tea is filled with a natural sweetness that floods the mouth. Though the traditional cup of hot Matcha green tea is delicious, it can also be enjoyed when poured over ice or mixed in with healthy ingredients to make a smoothie.

No matter how this green tea is consumed, people can rest assured their body will be protected against the free radicals that would attempt to destroy the cells and cause disease to set in. Try a delicious cup of Matcha today and you will quickly find that you feel better, have more energy and have a greater focus and drive you have never experienced before. Drinking this green tea each day can dramatically improve a person’s health.