Hampton Creek’s Road to Supermarket Success Started With Just Mayo

Someone who has just discovered Hampton Creek’s line of salad dressings may be interested in trying the Hampton Creek original products, a line of sandwich spreads that are very similar to mayonnaise. One item is intended to match the standard flavor of mayonnaise, while the others have natural flavoring. They are available in garlic, chipotle and sriracha flavors.

Like the salad dressings, the Just Mayo line is appealing to a broad range of consumers. Many individuals decided to try Just Mayo out of curiosity when it arrived on their store shelves. Others bought it because the product is vegan-friendly and contains no ingredients derived from animals. People who are allergic or sensitive to eggs, soy and gluten commonly choose this product. Parents of young children who have heard about the connection between certain artificial colors in food and the development of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are becoming more vigilant about eliminating those substances from their youngsters’ diets. Hampton Creek products are a good fit.

Depending on the product and the retailer the customer chooses to buy from, different types of containers and sizes are offered. People who want to give some of the products a try will probably want to start with an 8-oz. or 12-oz. container instead of the 30-oz. one. Anyone who goes through a lot of mayonnaise or other sandwich spread products will probably want to buy the large container after he or she verifies that Just Mayo tastes great. Squeeze bottles are available in the smaller sizes, and there’s a variety pack with the smaller sizes as well.

Hampton Creek expects to release hundreds of new items in the future and to make a significant impact in the realm of replacing animal-based ingredients with plant-based components. People will always look back to Just Mayo as the start of the company’s success with the general public, although the company also had created a plant-based egg substitute powder suitable for baking mixes. Large amounts of that powder were sold to bigger food corporations, including General Mills, during the egg shortage of 2015 that occurred because of avian flu. Many consumers may have already been buying a Hampton Creek ingredient without even knowing it.