Hampton Creek Products That Kids Will Love

Hampton Creek offers a wide range of products that are beneficial to everyone. None of them contain eggs, soy, or gluten, making them safe for anyone to eat. This is important in today’s world where so many children experience allergies and illness. There are a wide range of Hampton Creek products that even kids will love.

Just Cookie Dough

The cookie offered by H.C. is safe to eat. That means kids can enjoy a bite of cookie dough without the negative effects. No more waiting for cookies to cool. The regular dough can be consumed. This is thanks to the eggless dough and sorghum grain that is used in place of flour and corn syrup.

Just Mayo

Chocolate cake is a popular dessert for many. While Hampton doesn’t have its own line of cake mixes, it does have a recipe offered to make a delicious chocolate cake. This recipe involves using Just Mayo, a dressing option with no dairy or eggs included. Regular ingredients are included, such as flour, baking soda, sugar, and cocoa powder, but the mayo adds an extra kick and keeps the cake moist. It is also good to use on sandwiches and other food items, making it a key ingredient for everyone’s kitchen.

Just Cookies

The option to eat cookie dough may seem appealing some days, but warm, gooey cookies fresh out of the oven are still a favorite for many. Hampton Creek offers a variety of cookie options to meet everyone’s taste buds. They of course offer chocolate chip, the most common cookie desired. There is also peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, and an old fashioned sugar cookie. With so many options available, each kid can find a cookie that tastes good to them. None of them contain eggs or gluten and are safe for everyone.

Kids love Hampton Creek thanks to its delicious taste and allergy-free options. It is important for everyone to understand information about Hampton Creek Products so they can find the best options for their kitchen. A number of great recipes can be made thanks to Hampton Creek that the kids will enjoy.