Hampton Creek Products: Plant-Based Substances Substitute for Eggs

For an egg-free sandwich spread that’s similar to mayonnaise, consumers had trouble finding something suitable until a company developed a product called Just Mayo. The researchers and developers who came up with this item learned that yellow pea protein could substitute for egg. In mayonnaise, egg has the essential function of emulsifying oil and water, a process known as stabilization. This prevents the two components from separating, as they naturally do otherwise. People looking for these hampton creek products can find them in numerous supermarkets, including big chains like Walmart and Kroger.

Many individuals are probably not familiar with yellow peas. Virtually everyone knows about fresh, canned and frozen green peas, as well as dried split peas used for soup. Yellow split peas are commonly available next to split peas on the shelf, as are related products such as various kinds of dried beans. The peas in Just Mayo are Canadian yellow field peas, a specific kind of vegetable. The company’s scientists analyzed thousands of plant proteins looking for the right fit. That work will allow them to continue developing products that use plants instead of animal-based substances.

Yellow peas have a milder flavor than green peas, and many vegetarians and vegans have learned to add them to casseroles and stir-fry meals for extra protein. Hampton Creek had the option of using artificial emulsifiers in their sandwich spread, but the company wants their products to be as natural as possible. Realizing that this plant substance could substitute for eggs was a milestone. They were able to not only produce a standard version of Just Mayo, but also flavored versions such as garlic and chipotle.

The main component of Just Mayo is canola oil, as opposed to the soy oil usually found in commercial mayonnaise products. Soy is a relatively common allergy, and it can be difficult to avoid genetically modified organisms when using soy. In its quest to provide natural processed food, Hampton Creek is dedicated to avoiding GMOs in its products. Along with pea protein and water in Just Mayo, a small amount of additional ingredients are included. White vinegar, sugar, salt, lemon juice concentrate and spices are examples.