Hampton Creek Has Revolutionized the Vegan Food Industry

Hampton Creek is a food technology company that has been carefully surveying and researching a wide range of plants so they can create vegan food choices that can provide people with better eating options. Since their Just products were launched in 2013, they have made big changes that have resonated throughout the industry, causing some other food companies to rise up and offer vegan options. Those who discover the amazing tastes these products offer have become customers for life.

The company first started off creating a unique mayo line called Just Mayo. This mayo is made with a Canadian yellow split pea that is able to emulsify mayo perfectly, just like traditional mayo made with eggs. This delicious spread has created quite a following over the years, with more and more people using it in Hampton Creek’s Just Recipes. The amazing thing about this mayo is it can be used in any recipe, to replace oil and eggs so vegans are no longer so limited in their food choices.

When the company released their Just Mayo, people immediately began experimenting, to determine what unique recipes they could discover. Many people began making dressing recipes, using this mayo as a foundation for a variety of flavors. This prompted Hampton Creek to come out with their Just dressings which include flavors like ranch, caesar, and Italian. These simple dressings are packed with flavor, not with chemical additives.

Just Mayo can also be used to create brownies, pancakes, cookies, and a host of other baked goods. Recently, the company announced they would soon be adding to their food line. With 43 new products coming out on the market, it is clear to see Hampton Creek plans on continuing to offer their customers consistently new choices for their diet.

In the coming months, these new products will be revealed and new recipes will be introduced on Hampton Creek’s website and social media sites. Check out their website and Facebook page so you can stay abreast of the latest offerings and news updates. This will keep you up to date on when the new product line will be released.