Hampton Creek Can Help You Discover a Healthier Way of Eating

Hampton Creek has been working tirelessly to provide better foods for people at a lower price. When they realized there was a gap in the available products for vegans, they knew they needed to do something to help. They began researching to learn about the different plants that could be used in creating healthy, delicious vegan foods. As they researched, they learned more and more about the many legumes and other plant products that could be used to replace common animal products in foods.

One of their discoveries was a Canadian Yellow Split-Pea. The protein in this pea has many of the same properties as chicken eggs and can be used to replace eggs in common recipes. Not only is it bright yellow in color like traditional eggs, it also scrambles perfectly and can be used as an emulsifier. The owners of Hampton Creek have invested millions of dollars into their goal of producing sustainable food choices that could better provide the nutrition their customers are looking for.

When they discovered this protein, they quickly began working on a line of mayo condiments that could be used to replace traditional egg mayo. What they created was pure genius and has amazed the vegan community. This mayo is even being used by meat eaters because some say it tastes better than traditional mayo. The flavors available at this time are original, sriracha, garlic, and chipotle.

Though Hampton Creek saw great success with their mayo line, they did not want to stop there. They have produced many products like salad dressings, brownies, pancakes, and egg scrambles. As they continue their research, it is hoped more products will soon be available. The company recently announced they would be adding 43 new products to their current line available at Super Target, Walmart, and The Dollar Store.

To learn more about this amazing company, Visit Hampton Creek. They have a strong social media presence and constantly update their sites with the latest news and information on their products, including recipes and fun ideas for eating healthy. Check out their site today and learn how they can help you live healthier.