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Understanding South African Culture Without culture, one may not know the identity as a people and move forward as a nation. Much like how South Africa’s national flag symbolizes the nation. Culture is the one that will tell us how the people live their lives and push forward to achieve their dreams. The country of South Africa is something that is truly unique because it gets its name from where it is located. Years of turmoil and social unrest have been eradicated into a nonracial society, free and democratic. Today’s South Africa shows a face of equality and better opportunities for all. One stamp of identify South Africa has is its racial diversity. The diversity is a product of years of colonization and immigration thus making the nation a melting out of different cultures. Cultures from former colonizers and native culture are mixed in an interesting way. As blacks become exposed, they have become modern. Some aspects of native culture have declined in the past few years. The society has become bit more colorful with Pakistani and Indian immigrants infused their own cultures in South Africa. Some Chinese from mainland and Taiwan find it too simple and less stressful to work and live here and as such they have been helping the society. Influences can translate into something that is positive when done right,
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It is said, it is impossible to make a people into a nation without language. Language occupies a central role on how the culture pans out. English and Afrikaans are the two most popular languages. There are several recognized regional languages, but a few are getting out of style. Few are left using the language and eventually, with no new native speakers, they might end in natural death.
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Cinema and its industry have been able to exceed expectations. Few local productions have been producing films both for domestic and international audiences. The films produced in South Africa already won some awards. The culture will not be complete without music. Music represents how diverse the country really is. Driving interest is the various influences infused into the music by various races. South Africa is also huge on other contemporary music such as jazz. Rock music is an interesting sub-culture especially within Johannesburg with a few bands making it big in the scene. One thing is true: music really defined the culture and continuously improving the culture as we speak. One can learn a lot about South Africa by researching on the Internet. One can get to watch films that reflect the culture. A few sites on the Internet can help tremendously. No doubt, the sites can help bring a better understanding of South African culture.