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The Right Way To Handle, Store And Cook Your Vegetables Human being can easily acquire vitamins, minerals, roughage and water from vegetables. Therefore, including vegetables in your daily diet is important for you to derive the nutrients for your physical well being. Nonetheless, they should be well stored and prepared if one is to benefit from vegetable nutrients. Cooking your vegetables as soon as they come from the farm or garden is the most preferable option to avoid using vegetables that are stale since that will have killed the nutrients in the vegetables. In most cases, this is true for green leafy vegetables which upon withering lose their green coloration; which is vitamin C and thus loses their nutritional value. When directly getting your vegetables for your garden or farm, it is advisable that you only pick your vegetables once you are ready to use them. A lot of people do not enjoy that privilege though, and greatly rely on buying their vegetables. In that case, you should loosely roll your green vegetables in a brown paper and store them in a cool airy place or on the lowest shelf in your refrigerator where they will not be frozen. Your root vegetables on the other hand should be stored in well ventilated vegetable basket and placed in a cool dry place. The method you choose to cook your food will however determine how much nutrients you can derive from your vegetables. There are several methods you can choose to prepare your vegetables as follows: The first and most obvious option available is boiling. This is because boiling is the easiest and most economical method of cooking vegetables. Boiling is a method where you put enough water in your vegetables and then boiling the vegetables enough to cook. Another vegetable cooking method available is blanching. Blanching is commonly used in cooking young vegetable shoots like bean sprouts which need very minimal cooking. In this method, you clean and drain the vegetables, then immerse the vegetables in boiling salt water for less than a minute and then draining the vegetables immediately again. The green sharp green taste from the vegetables is removed through blanching while the vegetables remain crisp and nicely flavored.
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You can also resort to frying your vegetables, which happens to be a suitable option of cooking most vegetables. Frying can be deep frying like the one used to brown onions or garlic or you can use the normal shallow frying method. It should however be noted that there is a difference between shallow frying and braising which after shallow frying your food you add water and complete your cooking through steaming. Steaming method is commonly used in cooking root vegetables like yams and sweet potatoes because it takes longer than boiling and this can cause green leafy vegetables to lose vitamin C.Why People Think Tips Are A Good Idea