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How Well Do You Know Your Pizza? Pizza is said to be among the most liked and popular food in the United States. And this can be proven with the growing number of pizza stores and the increase in demand for pizza varieties in the city of New Bern in North Carolina. But do you really know everything about the pizza that you love to eat? Did it come from the US and what are the main and original ingredients of the pizza? The best way to find out is by going through a very special test of knowledge. Here are facts below, that you may not have been aware of: So where was the famous pizza first discovered and served? It’s most likely that you may have given the answer that everyone else would also give, which is Italy; as it happens, it isn’t the right one. Surprisingly, the pizza came from nowhere else but Egypt. There weren’t’ any ovens nor dough at the time, so they made use of heated stones and breads instead – the bread was then spread with sauce and herbs. After this kind of recipe reached Greek, that was the only time that it was done in Italy as well. In Italy, a traditional meal will always have the inclusion of pizza – this may have brought the idea that the food has originated in the country. Although this wasn’t always the case because the known Italian diet and way of eating was only started during the year 1600. Did you know that tomatoes were not really available in Europe before? So that can only mean that tomato-based Italian recipes and cooking was not yet known and practiced during those times.
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The question now is how it made it’s way to the places of the United States such as in New Bern? The answer to this may just have a link or connection to when Hitler and Mussolini were still alive. The American servicemen who were assigned and stationed in Italy, were the first Americans to ever had the chance of tasting the foreign dish then, that was pizza.It all started with that and when these men started to describe the unique dish that had tomato sauce and topped with pepperoni and cheese, Americans just had to try it out as well.
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Were you aware that the number of available pizza places in the US are still increasing over the years? To get a clearer understanding on this, the number of pizza shops presented in ratio is a much better idea. Let’s say that for every 5 restaurants or eateries in America, there will always be 1 pizzeria or pizza shop. So that means – 20% of shops in the country serve and offer pizza. And today, the amount of pizza that Americans eat on a daily basis is just staggering.