Frequent Social Media Updates Keep Hampton Creek Fans in the Loop

New details about Hampton Creek are nearly always available on the company’s official Facebook page. Even when nothing particularly newsworthy is going on with this small food producer, company representatives post recipes and inspiration quotes for the site visitors. The recipes are usually pretty easy and feature a quick video showing viewers how to put the ingredients together. A recent recipe for lime lovers blends the tangy flavor of lime with the company’s Just Mayo creamy sandwich spread, along with fresh cilantro and green onions. The topping is a superb one for Mexican dishes.

New products are announced on the page and get Hampton Creek fans eager to buy these items. Some of the developments that have taken place in 2016 include three new flavors for Just Mayo: truffle, light and a product called Awesomesauce. The company has recommended trying Awesomesauce with potatoes and tacos for a start. Salad dressings have been released as well, including flavors called Just Ranch and Just Italian. Company representatives are quick to respond to questions about products on the social media page, such as where to find new items and when upcoming releases will be available in specific stores.

Hampton Creek staff members also like to get their readers thinking about tough questions. A recent question asked readers to consider what really makes them angry. The idea is that anger can lead people to work on making positive changes in the greater world. Hampton Creek is known for its goal to create positive changes in the food industry. Company management feels passionate about building a more sustainable food supply, making less of a negative impact on the environment and moving away from animal products. Instead of trying to figure out ways for agricultural facilities to be more humane to animals, the company believes that crafting new food products without animal components is the most sustainable, environmentally friendly and humane decision. When consumers get angry about cruel treatment of livestock, they should be inclined to make more compassionate choices when shopping for food. They’ll select egg-free sandwich spreads and salad dressings, and they’ll be more thoughtful about everything they buy in grocery stores and restaurants.