Four Tips for Baking Using Matcha Powder

Matcha powder is a beneficial ingredient to use during the baking process. Matcha is a form of green tea, and offers countless health benefits to those who consume it regularly, from a boosted metabolism to antioxidant properties that promote health. When baking with matcha powder, there are some things to consider.

Realize the Color Will Be Green

The powder will turn any baked good into a green dessert. If the baker does not wish for their entire dish to be green, he or she can separate the ingredients into two separate portions. One can be baked regularly, while a second option is provided that allows people to try the dish with a green twist to it.

Add a Small Amount

Overloading the recipe with the green tea powder is not ideal, as the taste will overpower the other ingredients. The hint of green tea should be subtle, so only a small aount is needed. One third of a brewed cup works for smoothies, while other recipes, like a matcha fudge, only need a couple of tablespoons.

Use the Food Grade

There are two separate grades of matcha powder that can be purchased. The premium grade is much more expensive, and works well when used for drinking it as a green tea. The lower-grade is ideal for cooking, where more of the substance will be used regularly. The lower grade still offers numerous benefits.

Try a Variety of Recipes

Not everyone enjoys the matcha flavor, as it is incredibly strong. That is why it is best to try out several recipes and find something that the taste buds can enjoy. From fudges to smoothies, and even lattes, there are countless recipes to try using matcha powder. Each will provide the health benefits that green tea offers.

Anyone considering matcha baking should first consider these tips for doing so. The right grade needs to be chosen, a variety of recipes tried, and only a small amount added to most recipes. Bakers should also be aware that the color of each baked good will be green, and the green tea taste will be extremely present. With the matcha powder added, however, a number of benefits will be provided to those who consume it, from increased energy and added focus, to cancer-fighting agents. It is a worthwhile ingredient to cook with.