Four Benefits of Using a Yoga No Slip Towel During a Yoga Routine

Countless men and women participate in yoga in order to align their bodies, gain strength, and improve their posture. Without a proper surface, however, many of the poses required can be difficult to manage, as the hands often slip and make the poses ineffective. A yoga no slip towel is essential during a yoga routine because of the many benefits it provides.

Allows Yoga to be Performed Anywhere

Yoga isn’t only for the home or yoga studio. With a no slip towel in hand, yoga can be performed anywhere. Thanks to the non-slip feature, the towel will stay in place on any surface, allowing people to perform their routine no matter if they’re at home or away. The towel can even be used at the beach.


Sweat is bound to drip from the body when muscles are working overtime to complete difficult moves and stances. Having an ultra-absorbent mat is important because it will absorb the sweat and allow those using it to continue their routine. There will not be excess wetness and moisture providing a distraction.


A large yoga mat is often used in the studio. While these mats may be spacious, they are often heavy to carry. Those who purchase something to use at home should get a towel rather than a mat. It is a lightweight option that is portable.

Individual Use

A mat found in a studio has been used by countless people, often leaving behind germs and sweat. Rather than using an unhygienic mat, a towel meant for individual use is a better option. A personal yoga towel can be placed over the studio’s mat to provide a more hygienic yoga experience.

With an individual towel that is portable, absorbent, and able to take anywhere, men and women looking to perform yoga can do so in comfort. These many benefits make a non-slip yoga towel worthwhile. A Shandali Yoga Towel is one of the best of its kind, as it provides all these benefits and more to those who use it. It is available in a multitude of colors so everyone can have their tastes met.