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There are a whole variety of ways in which humans can be attracted to one another, but that of the animal sort is often the most compelling. For men looking for romantic adventure and success, in fact, pursuing things from an angle that emphasizes the primal and visceral over the intellectual is often a recommended approach. That has led some men to investigate the possibilities inherent in pheromones.

In some less-highly developed members of the animal kingdom, chemical substances called pheromones are virtually the final word when it comes to mating. While more advanced animals may put on elaborate courtship displays, a development that reaches its apex in the human species, very simple ones are confined to emitting specially crafted chemical signals that may entice those of the opposite sex.

For some insects and relatively simple creatures, the power of such messaging can be outright undeniable. The right balance of pheromones can be all that it takes for an animal to secure a mate, and the wrong one can doom that individual to a life without love.

While humans are much more highly evolved and complicated creatures, they do still retain this heritage of the lower orders of the animal kingdom. That means that human pheromones, although they probably lack the ultimate power that they can have for other creatures, can still contribute heavily to whether one person finds another one attractive in the end.

That realization has, naturally enough, led to the development of a variety of colognes and perfumes that are meant to help women and men find mates of their own. While such assistance will not, in and of itself, be likely to seal any kind of romantic deal, it can certainly not hurt.

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