Following An Egg-Free Diet – Try Hampton Creek’s Delicious Mayo

Egg-less diets are important for vegans, those concerned about cholesterol and heart disease, and those allergic to eggs. Egg allergies are one of the most common food allergies in children under five years of age. Many outgrow the allergy as they become older, but for others it’s a life-long challenge to live within the confines of an egg-free diet their entire lives. Fortunately, there are now many delicious products sold in retail stores that cater to vegans and others who do not eat eggs for dietary reasons. Hampton Creek Egg-Free Mayo is one of these items. Egg-free mayo allows the customer to enjoy mayo on a sandwich just like everyone else, while still adhering to their dietary limitations.

Hampton Creeks Mayo comes in four delicious flavors: original, sriracha, garlic and chipotle. These flavors are great when spread onto bread or mixed with a few extra spices or dry soup mix to become an extraordinary dip. Because eggs are usually the ingredient that give mayonnaise its silky smooth texture, many are concerned that egg-free mayo will be lacking in quality, but with Just Mayo from Hampton Creek, this is far from the truth. Hampton Creeks mayonnaise gets its familiar texture from pea protein instead of eggs, making it delicious as well as a healthy addition to the diet. One of the goals of Hampton Creeks food is to replace any animal proteins in foods with plant-based protein, making them both good for the body and good for the planet all at the same time.

There are many people who follow an egg free diet. For some, such as vegans, avoiding eggs is an ethical choice, to promote cruelty free living for the animals. Others avoid eggs, as encouraged by their doctor, to keep their cholesterol down to an acceptable level, thus avoiding heart disease. Finally, those who are allergic to eggs must avoid them at all costs or suffer the consequences of rash, GI upset or a variety of other uncomfortable symptoms. Fortunately, with new and innovative products from Hampton Creek, one can enjoy many new foods all while still eating withing their dietary guidelines.