Finding Hampton Creek Products in Compass Group Cafeterias

Individuals who are enthusiastic about vegan food producers may put as much support behind these companies as possible, buying their products and promoting them to friends and relatives. When they hear about a big food service provider signing a contract with one of those smaller companies, they may want to know more about that big corporation. An example of this occurred when food service industry leader Compass Group decided to exclusively offer Hampton Creek’s line of salad dressings in its cafeterias and cafes, and no other dressings. This move will introduce large numbers of people to the small company’s products. It also indicates that Compass Group feels that Hampton Creek’s ethical philosophies are in line with its own.

People who regularly eat at a cafeteria don’t necessary know which group provides the food. The employees know, of course, but the information may not be obvious to customers. Curious folks may need to ask an employee when they arrive at the cafeteria. Compass Group cafeterias and cafes are located in places such as university food service areas, workplaces, museums and hospitals. Typically only students eat in the university cafeterias, which are connected with residence halls. Employees usually are the only people eating at workplace cafeterias unless they bring a guest. Hospital and museum cafeterias, on the other hand, are generally open to the public. Compass Group has dining establishments in corporations such as Amazon and Cisco. Its subsidiary Bon Appetit is the on-site special events caterer for the Art Institute of Chicago.

Of course, the opposite way of discovering Compass Group dining facilities and its Hampton Creek salad dressings can occur. A person who’s a fan of Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo and the salad dressings that have been released may have no idea about the company’s big contract with the food service provider. One day, this person decides to have lunch with a friend at the corporate cafeteria instead of going home as usual. There, he or she spies Hampton Creek salad dressings in packets at the salad bar. It’s exciting to see the recognition this small upstart company has gained in just a couple of years.