Facebook From the Millenials, Scott Tellez Seems to Do it Just Right

Fort Myers has a lot of gorgeous girls. It seems to be one of the things that draw people to Florida. It is just a part of the culture down here when snow is nonexistent and the beach is always at least a few hours away. Scott Tellez is young, attractive, and outgoing. It is a vicious combination that makes him part of the millennial culture in a big way. With just under 1,000 friends, Scott probably knows a bit about his own appeal. Scott has a very serious career, which can sometimes clash with how silly he can be. He is a radiologic therapist, otherwise known as an occupational therapist. In short, he massages people that have clinical damage to their spine, legs, or back. It is a serious job, and one that he does not take lightly. This can be odd for people that are a bit older. He seems so immature online (not necessarily in a bad way). Yet, he excels at his job. It is a balance the younger generation has seen to work out really well. It comes second nature.

Facebook becomes a fun escape from the reality of hard work. Social media is not replacing anything. It is an outlet to talk, to argue and to make fun of DC’s mediocre new iteration of Superman. The explosions are fun, but where is the story? Superman is a super God alien, and Batman is just a guy with a lot of money. Why is this a thing?

Add Scott tellez on Facebook. See him make witty updates about how it is being young and dating. Maybe, through the surface stuff of girls being ridiculously cute, video games being ridiculously fun, and television being a great way to relax and argue about things, Scott may drop a nugget of information. Being a physical therapist earns Scott a little insight about the bad parts of life. When all the fun is over, someone would be happy to only have a bad back. Scott discusses both the very serious and the very not-serious in a way that is mostly appealing but always enthralling.