Enjoy A Glass Of Wine In Seconds

Enthusiasts believe wine has to “breathe” before drinking a glass. What does it mean to let the wine breathe? Wine needs air like everything else. Circulating air through the wine releases the aroma and flavor, and the wine tastes better. Sediment gathers at the bottom of wine bottles during the aging process. This sediment affects the taste and smell of wine.

For years, people used the decanter method to circulate air through wine. Wine is poured from the bottle into a glass decanter, and some of the sediment gets removed along the way. Decanters are open glass containers, and that is how wine got air. However, people would sometimes have to wait a few days after pouring it into the decanter before drinking the wine.

One of the new wine accessories is called an aerator. The device has a large opening connected to a filtering tunnel. The tunnel connects to a smaller opening at the bottom. The wine loses the sediment when it goes through the filter. The entire breathing process is faster. Wine needs to be aerated to get just the right taste. Aeration eliminates any taste of ethanol and sulfites. Some people think the VinoTru is the Best Wine Aerator on the market

The VinoTru features patented triple-stage aeration technology. The aerator boasts a wider opening on top to pour wine. In addition, the cavity at the bottom is deeper than some other devices. The triple-stage technology aerates wine in seconds. During the first stage, wine opens up due to the umbrella shape of the device. The wine breathes at the top and the bottom. The second stage separates the wine again, using a 32-hole microaeration plate. In the third stage, the wine is combined and mixes with air from the top.

Pour wine into the top of the VinoTru, and the wine slowly flows down using the three-stage technology. The VinoTru comes with a lifetime warranty and a money-back guarantee. Clean-up is easy because the aerator is dishwasher safe. Try the VinoTru, and you will be happy with the change in your wine. You don’t have to wait for the wine to breathe. Simply open a bottle, and enjoy a glass in seconds.