Enhance Your Playing With A Digital Grand Piano

If you love playing piano, take your playing to the next level with a digital grand piano. A digital grand piano allows you to access all of the sounds and variations you would find with a real grand piano, at a fraction of the cost and size of a real grand piano. It is the perfect instrument for someone who is looking to expand upon their musical talents. One of the best digital grand piano’s on the market today is the yamaha dgx-650 88-key graded hammer action digital piano.

The Yamaha DGX 650 is a very realistic sounding digital grand piano. You can play a wide range of different classic piano sounds. You can play classical sounds such as the pianissimo and the fortissimo with the Yamaha DGX 650. It offers a great deal of sound for a price that just cannot be beat.

If you love playing to classic songs, the Yamaha DGX 650 comes with a large song file. The XG Song Files allow you to play the piano alongside some of the top recording artists of today. It has over 100 preset songs that you can play along with. You can also play along to preset voices. You can literally experience what playing with the pros is like, as they are working with very similar equipment.

It also has all of the sound tools you need to create music. It has 128 polyphonic notes. It also has scaled graded hammer action on all of its keys. That means you will be able to hear the difference in the sound if you play soft, medium or hard, just like you would with a real acoustic piano. If you do not want the scaled graded hammer action effect on, you can turn it off and set your piano to a fixed setting. This piano gives you the diversity to create a unique piece just as if you were sitting in front of a real grand piano.

If you want to practice playing on a grand piano, but just do not have either the space or the money for one, you can get the same feeling of a grand piano with Yamaha’s new DGX 650.