Electronic Cigarettes: Health, Legality, Safety

Many smokers hate the consequences, yet enjoy the look and feel of the cigarette too much to feel compelled to drop the habit. The Electronic cigarette, which has fewer negative effects on the smoker and his or her surroundings, is available to smokers internationally. It is meant to resemble the tobacco cigarette, and can be used in public places where tobacco cigarettes are banned. A smoker seeking to abandon tobacco will improve his or her health, while still receiving some nicotine and satisfying the desire to smoke.

The cigarette still delivers nicotine to the lungs, yet without the harmful chemicals contained in tobacco cigarettes. Surveys have found that smokers who switched from tobacco cigarettes reported decreased health complaints related to smoking. Once someone starts using this new technology, he or she may begin to notice specific improvements, or just feel healthier in general. The rewards of making this adjustment extend beyond the individual smoker. Tobacco cigarettes have the nasty tendency of affecting the look and smell of the user’s nails, clothes, and home interior. The Electronic cigarette will not contribute to such problems since there is no tar or smoke involved.

Consumers of electronic cigarettes also enjoy smoking indoors in public without fear of legal consequences or removal from those areas. The cigarettes, which utilize an E liquid free of tobacco, can be used in public establishments. Smokers need not worry about searching for a smoking area outdoors in poor weather away from friends or family members. They can once again enjoy a cigarette in comfort, with non-smokers nearby, without worrying about passing on dangerous secondhand smoke.

Enjoying the tobacco habit for the purpose of relaxation can have immediately dangerous effects as well. The smoker falls asleep holding the cigarette, or fails to properly extinguish it. Lit cigarettes cause tragic fires that could be avoided. Such devastating disasters will not befall users of the flame free E cigarette. Since the cigarette itself is never on fire, it cannot cause damage in the event that its user falls asleep.

Whether a smoker is looking to quit altogether, or simply is searching for an alternative that is healthier, legal indoors, and safer than tobacco cigarettes, the Electronic cigarette can be extremely helpful. No longer do smokers need to worry about dangerous toxins, secondhand smoke, or other safety problems.