Eatology Reviews Point Out a Great Opportunity for Busy Fitness Enthusiasts

We’re living longer lives than ever, but we’re also fatter than at any time in history. This isn’t to say that this extra weight is contributing to our collective longevity; in fact, as most know, the opposite is true, with weight-related diseases being some of the most widespread and harmful there are today. Mindful of the difficulties that many have when it comes to losing weight, a great variety of dietitians, nutritionists, and physicians have sought to create programs that can help wider ranges of people. A look at some Eatology reviews displays the promise of one of these in particular.

Combining elements of the well-regarded Zone and Paleo diets, Eatology has achieved some real prominence in recent days. It has become especially popular with devotees of the fitness discipline of CrossFit, as those two dietary approaches come highly recommended by its trainers and coaches. Eatology packages up gluten-free meals which incorporate the insights of these diets and delivers them to subscribers all over the United States.

Reviews of the service seem to be very positive in general. Most find that the convenience of having such well-designed meals sent to them allows them to make better use of already-scarce time, as there is no worry of falling afoul of dietary mistakes and ending up undoing hours of difficult training. Reviewers of the service seem impressed by the quality of the ingredients used in the meals, with most finding that even fresh fruits and vegetables hold up well during the necessary transit.

The service is surprisingly affordable, too. For around $150 per week, subscribers are supplied with all of the food they will need to stay fit and healthy through a work week, even while engaging in intense fitness regimens. The company makes a big point of transparency regarding the supplied meals, making available extensive documentation of the caloric and nutritional values of the meals it sends out. It also offers training in meal planning and preparation, as well as by-mail catering for large group functions. In short, it is a highly regarded one-stop shop for those interested in eating the best that they can, and its popularity shows this.