Do More with an Ultra Powerful Blender

Most people have a blender in their home, but most blenders cannot do what a supercharged blender is capable of doing. A blender like a Vitamix has much more power than the typical blender, which allows it to perform tasks that are very unique. The other very popular supercharged blender on the market is the Blendtec. The most popular task each of these machines is used for is making whole food smoothies. Rather than buying smoothie mixes that are loaded with sugar and other artificial ingredients, these blenders allow people to put in whole fruits and vegetables and pulverize them into a smooth and delicious beverage. The blenders are also capable of making soups, sauces, purees, and other very healthy foods.

How does a person decide between a vitamix or blendtec machine? It is good to look at the most important components of each, to make an informed decision. The cost of each machine is going to be quite a bit higher than the typical blender, but both of these blenders are going to last a lifetime. The cost of both ranges from $400 to $600 depending on the model chosen. Each company does sell refurbished units for under $400, which represents a good savings to the customer.

The power behind each of the machines is similar, but the Blendtec does offer a 3 horsepower motor while the newer Vitamix machines are at 2.2. While each machine can handle any food that is thrown into it, the Blendtec is a more powerful unit. The speed selections on the blenders vary a bit from one brand to the other. Each has ten different speeds, but the Vitamix operates at lower speeds, which allows for much more accurate and fine chopping when that is all a person wants to do.

Both units are very easy to operate with user friendly controls. The Blendtec is about six inches shorter and a bit lighter, which makes it easier to store under a cabinet and move around the kitchen. All in all, both of these blenders perform amazingly well and offer a great value to consumers. They can cover a variety of culinary needs.