Delays in the Release of Hampton Creek Salad Dressings Keep Customers in Eager Anticipation

Fans of Hampton Creek’s sandwich spread Just Mayo have been eagerly awaiting the company’s line of salad dressings, but they’ve needed to be patient. Although Hampton Creek’s Just Ranch was only available in stores for a short time at first, it’s back again along with other varieties. The company took on some big responsibilities in the past year or so, and those orders had to be filled. A deal with Compass Group food service, a supplier for cafeterias worldwide, was a huge success for Hampton Creek. Another success involved convenience store chain 7-Eleven choosing to include Just Mayo in its deli products to the exclusion of any other sandwich spread.

Fans of the small food producer understand the importance of these deals. Contracts with big corporations ensure that the company has solid financial footing and can continue to release new products at affordable prices. As spring arrived, Just Ranch and a limited number of other Hampton Creek salad dressings began to arrive at stores as well. Shoppers who patronize stores such as Target, Kroger and Whole Foods should be able to find the dressings soon if the products aren’t yet on the shelves. In addition to Just Ranch, the product line currently contains flavors such as Just Italian, Just Thousand and Just Sweet Mustard.

The company has expanded its mayo line into the salad dressing realm as well. A sesame ginger mayo salad dressing is already listed on some store websites, even though it’s not yet available. The same is true for the Wasabi flavor. Shoppers may be able to find the truffle version, however. It may be possible to set up an email alert for when stores get the products in stock, or an individual may simply want to check back regularly.

People also may be delighted to discover packets of the company’s salad dressings at a cafeteria they patronize regularly. They probably had no idea that Compass Group was the corporation behind the scenes at their workplace cafeteria, but this organization serves large numbers of these eating establishments. Now everyone who has lunch there can enjoy a fresh salad with Just Ranch or any of the other flavors currently available.