Cutting Edge Information About Japanese Sushi Knives

For those who love sushi and/or love making sushi, this article will talk about using the various implements involved in making the delicious fishy snacks. In addition to the sushi rolling kits popularly used to create the snacks, people also use japanese sushi knives. Sushi knives have to be extremely sharp. Those who handle them must do so with extreme caution.

There are two kinds of knives used for sushi dishes (and sometimes sashimi dishes). Sashimi knives are used specifically for cutting the fish used in the sushi/sashimi. Sushi knives, however, can cut the fish, the vegetables used in the sushi and the roll itself. The sushi knife is made of carbon steel which means it can sustain a sharper edge than knives made of stainless steel. Both the sushi knife and the sashimi knife has a single beveled edge. The purpose of keeping a flat side to the knife is to keep the meat from sticking to the blade. Sushi knives have a handle with a D shaped section.

If you decide to invest in a Japanese sushi knife, ensure that you do NOT purchase one that is stainless steel. Stainless steel knives may look flashy, but they are not practical for long term use. Your knife should be made of the carbon steel. Of the many types of sushi knives to get, the one that will most likely be the best and most practical for household use is the yanagiba. This knife will cut sushi and sashimi rolls. The other sushi knives, not common in every day households, are the usuba, useful for cutting vegetables, the deba, which cuts through bone and cartilage, and the santoku, which is for fish, meat and the vegetables. There are many other sushi knives that can be purchased.

The last piece of the knife assembly is the tang. It is not necessary to own the full size tang, and the traditional knives used by the Japanese is known as the “rat tail.” In this assembly, the metal from the blade is tapered and is surrounded by the handle. You can gain all the information you need about sushi knives at the following website,