Creative Ways to Use Plant-Based Mayo Products in the Kitchen

The idea of using products that are healthier sounds great, but aren’t many of those products limited in how they can be used? Often, all it takes is a little creativity to come up with all sorts of ways to make use of Just Mayo and similar plant-based products. Here are some suggestions to consider.

Coating for Roasting Vegetables

Many people know the old trick of using olive oil and a select group of spices to coat raw vegetables before they are roasted. While that works fine, it can become a little old after a time. One way to add some zest to this approach is to add a couple of tablespoons of the plant-based mayo to the olive oil. Consider swapping out a couple of the spices as well. The thin coating on the vegetables will have a slightly different taste and texture, effectively making those roasted vegetables a more inviting side dish.

A Twist on Traditional Garlic Toast

When the mood strikes to prepare a spaghetti dinner, who doesn’t want some garlic toast? Instead of using butter or margarine for the toast, consider a thin layer of the plant-based mayo instead. Sprinkle as much or as little garlic powder as needed, then place the bread in the broiler. The mayo will add another layer of flavor to the toast and work just fine with the spaghetti sauce.

Zingy Mashed Potatoes

Add some of the plant-based mayo to the cooked potatoes instead of using milk. The result will be mashed potatoes that are light and have even more of a pleasing taste. To up the taste quotient a little, use a little sea salt and some freshly ground pepper during the preparation period. Many people find that they enjoy the potatoes as is and will skip on the gravy or butter.

There are a number of other ways to use plant-based products in recipes the family already enjoys. With a little experimenting, there’s a good chance of coming up with some variations the family likes better than the originals. Given the fact that the food is tastier and healthier, the time invested in trying a new product or two is worth it.