Convenience Foods From Hampton Creek Broaden Options for People Who Don’t Eat Animal Products

A relatively small faction of the population strives to eat only fresh and natural food, meaning no boxed, frozen or processed items. If they avoid eating meat and other animal-based foods, they mainly stick with vegetables, fruit, rice and whole grains. Most people find this style of eating to be difficult, if not impossible. They are busy and they want convenience, even if they don’t eat any animal-based foods and they can’t afford the pricey frozen meals in the natural foods department. These individuals might Visit Hampton Creek online to learn about this particular company’s dedication to producing convenience foods without any animal substances.

With products from Hampton Creek and others that are providing convenience items at affordable prices, people have many more options than they used to. They can make a sandwich with avocado, black olives, sliced mushrooms and tomatoes, and add Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo to the bread as a sandwich spread. This substance tastes very much like egg-based mayonnaise, even though it doesn’t contain any egg content. That’s a welcome development for people who have been missing mayonnaise ever since they gave up eggs.

With Hampton Creek’s salad dressings, these individuals can finally have Caesar salad dressing again, since this version doesn’t contain eggs or anchovies. They look forward to an upcoming product to be called Just Scramble, which is intended to taste like real eggs and have a very similar texture. Now, these persons can add imitation scrambled egg to veggie stir-fry, something they may have been missing for a long time. They can make up Chinese fried rice with Just Scramble as well. After dinner, enjoying chocolate chip cookies made from Hampton Creek’s refrigerated egg-free cookie dough is a wonderful treat. There’s nothing quite like warm, freshly baked cookies, but many people don’t take the time to make them. Just Cookie Dough makes it easy. While purists advocate for eating only fresh food and meals made from scratch, persons who have little time or inclination for this are glad to find new choices in convenience foods. It’s fun to have all these added options for a change when deciding on the day’s menu.