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Have the Experience of a Lifetime with an Amazon River Cruise With a total land mass of 2,300,000 square miles, the Amazon Rain forest extends over the entire drainage basis of the Amazon river. Various countries have parts of the rainforest such as: French Guiana, Guyana, Columbia, Ecuador, Venezuea, Peru, and primarily Brazil. The Amazon river is such a powerful river that it take the previous 7 smaller rivers around the world to equal its output; though second longest in the world. The Amazon River is 4,000 miles long and is so powerful with a total discharge of 209,000 cubic meters per second. Within this amazing forest includes the following species: 427 mammals, 40,000 plant species, 3,000 freshwater fish, 1,300 birds, 400 amphibians, and 378 reptiles. Throughout the variety of species, statistically the percentage comes out to about 10% of the known species of the world existing in one place. Because of the depth and the size of the rainforest, there is much we do not know about; an average of 1,500 new species are discovered each year in this mysterious forest. When it comes to the Amazon river, there is such a variety of life from Bull sharks to anacondas and more. The most dangerous animals would be the following: Piranha, Anaconda, Electric eel, Poison dart frog, pit viper, bull shark, black caiman, and Jaguars. These exotic and dangerous animals in and around the Amazon river make it a very attractive destination to visit at least once in a lifetime. Tourism in the region brings an average of 700 million travelers internationally each year. Out of these tourists, they generally fit into one of two categories; either resort goers or explorers. One way to get the best of everything is to take an Amazon river cruise and travel the lengths of the river.
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There are various cruises, depending on which country you leave from and what part of the river you tour. With three different river basins entering into the same region of the Amazon off a reserve in Peru; it is a perfect launching area for a river cruise to launch. There are different tours to choose from but they usually range from 8-10 days and cost around $2,000-$7,000 a person for each cruise. Depending on the price and distance, boats can be small with a 32 person capacity and up to cruises with a 450 person capacity.
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Amazon river cruises show the beautiful living things and flourishing forms of plant life that one can only dream of, therefore; it is necessary to see experience one! With the assortment of plant and animal life you will encounter all around you, it will leave an undeniable imprint on your memory for as long as you live.