Best Shoes For The Serious Runner

A lot of science and bio-mechanical engineering has gone into the design and development of running shoes for women. Gone are the days when one or two styles were the only choices. Running shoe manufacturers have learned that women have different feet that men and that not all women have the same bone structure in their feet. The structural concerns are:

1. Pronation occurs when the feet turn inward while running. This occurs every time the heels strike the ground. Pronation can be good if its not overpronation. The natural movement of pronation cushions the impact of the feet hitting the ground. This ensures protection against knees and joints receiving too much pressure. The neutral or basic pronation is the best condition for physically effective and efficient running.

2. While pronation is good, overpronation is a condition that should cause concern. This condition is caused by flat feet. This condition results in the body including the feet listing too much to the side as you run. This condition can lead to serious and painful injuries to the knes and ankles. It is essential to have running shoes which stabilize your body while running.

3. Supination is a condition opposite of pronation. The feet will roll outwardly. Runners with this condition cannot handle the impact caused by running at a good pace. They are prone to serious injuries. Shoes with cushioning and flexibility are required for runners with a supination.

Runners who are serious about running on a frequent schedule should see a foot doctor for an examination and x-rays to help determine the condition of the feet. He can recommend the type of shoe you need. This will enable you to run with the assurance you have the best protection you can get.

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