Basic sushi recipes Let Even the Inexperienced Enjoy the Delicacy at Home

There is probably no better way of enjoying the freshness and delicacy of many kinds of seafood than by eating them raw. Avid diners in Japan have understood this fact for perhaps longer than anyone, and the Japanese creation of sushi is today one of the country’s most famous culinary exports. For many people, enjoying sushi is mostly a special occasion, something that begins a big night out or other event. In fact, however, preparing sushi at home is within the means of most.

Contrary to what many believe, there is nothing necessarily special about the fish that is served at most sushi restaurants. In truth, fish marked as “sushi grade” at supermarkets is normally pulled from the same supplies as that which is in no such way singled out. Those who wish to make sushi at home, then, can just as well stick to the same packages of fish they use for frying and baking, if a couple of basic rules are followed.

First, any fish that is prone to acquiring parasites in the wild must be frozen before it can safely be consumed raw. Fortunately, extensive lists of such fish are available online, so those who want to take this important safety precaution merely need to be sure as to what kind of fish they are buying. This latter point is an important one, too, since a lack of regulations on the matter mean that fish labeling can be a fairly fluid business. A quick talk with the fish monger in question, though, should be enough to ensure that what is on the label reflects what is within the package.

Another important point is that only the freshest fish should be used. Because freshness of product and flavor is virtually the entire point of consuming sushi, whether at home or at a restaurant, most sushi recipes reiterate this enough that few people are likely to forget it. Overly strong-smelling fish, though, is typically to be avoided by novice chefs, since this is often a sign that it has been sitting in storage for too long. Otherwise, fresh fish of an appropriate type that has been properly treated is likely to make for an excellent experience.