As Interest in the Lifestyle Rises, Vegans Gain Innovative New Allies

Vegetarianism has a long, proud history, and it is one that is full of interesting developments. People from various religious traditions all over the world have refused for centuries to eat meat, and they have developed some fascinating ways of making up for what others might consider a dietary deficit. While the world’s vegetarians have had a long time to create a culinary legacy for those who practice the lifestyle today to enjoy, vegans have had much less in the way of such historical assistance. With lifestyles that entirely forgo all animal-derived products being relatively recent innovations, in general, the vegan approach to living retains a somewhat more pioneering character than the age-old philosophy of vegetarianism.

That is starting to change quite quickly, however. As more people have become aware of just how much of a toll the raising of livestock exacts on the planet, many have become convinced that focusing entirely on plants will be the only way to move forward securely. As the planet’s population continues to grow, every added person who consumes animal-based products weighs more heavily on it, and many believe that this tipping of the balance cannot be sustained for long.

As a result, the vegan outlook on life has become far more popular in recent decades, and that development is leading to plenty of associated innovation. With so many people now becoming interested in adopting their own vegan approaches to life, companies that seek to make things easier for them are becoming more common and successful.

That can be seen, for instance, in the interesting story of the startup Hampton Creek. Founded with a mission of exploring new ways of using plants in food, the company first made waves with its extremely successful mayonnaise substitute. With that product building momentum on the market, Hampton Creek has since gone on to introduce a number of other goods that are similarly interesting to many.

While vegans might not enjoy all of the millennia-old traditions that vegetarians have access to, they therefore have some interesting allies of their own. As that lifestyle becomes even more common, the trend seems almost certain to continue in this way.