Antioxidant Effects of Matcha Green Tea Powder for Periodontal Health

Green tea is known for having a high percentage of antioxidants and being beneficial for all-around good health. It’s even helpful for keeping teeth and gums in excellent condition. A superior Japanese green tea known as Matcha is available for even more potent results than the average green tea. You can find all the info at Kiss Me Organics about this powerful substance.

The flavonoids in Matcha green tea powder are responsible for much of the health benefits, including those for dental health. Green tea is rich in catechins, a type of flavonoid that researchers say provides antioxidants on the same level as vitamins C and E do. In regard to gum health, medically known as periodontal health, catechins in green tea have two primary advantages. It decreases inflammation and limits the proliferation of bacteria that cause gum disease. Green tea also contains ascorbic acid, which boosts the beneficial effects of vitamin C. It contains several minerals, including zinc and magnesium.

Of course, taking good care of one’s dental health is essential for keeping the gums in excellent condition. Brushing at least twice a day and flossing every day are important activities for proper hygiene. Adding green tea to the diet can be considered a complementary strategy. It’s especially useful when someone has already developed the early stage of gum disease, known as gingivitis. Symptoms include inflammation and redness of the gums, as well as bleeding when brushing or flossing. The gums may be a bit sore in places. Since green tea reduces inflammation, kills bacteria and contains high levels of antioxidants, it’s no wonder that it helps the body heal gingivitis and return to the gums to optimum health.

What is the function of antioxidants in the body? These healthy substances interact with harmful substances known as free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can cause disease. Free radicals are caused by some natural processes, such as digestion, as well as some negative factors, such as exposure to vehicle exhaust and other pollutants. Antioxidants block the effects of free radicals and allow the body to eliminate them. Thus, they are essential parts of the immune system.