Animal-Free Food Products Can Help Save the Planet

The need for healthy food is a global problem, and there are few options currently available to solve the growing food crisis. Most of the planet depends on animals for food products, which creates a great deal of issues and expense. As a result, millions of people go without sufficient food each day due to a lack of resources or money. This problem could be solved if there was less dependence on animal products in the food industry. Hampton Creek and their increasing line of animal-free products are aiming to change the way that the food industry works. By using only vegetables in their many products, this company is providing a model for others to follow. Find more Hampton Creek info here to learn how vegetable-based food can save the planet.

Using animals to manufacture foods for human consumption places a huge strain on the planet. The resources needed to handle the raising and sheltering of livestock around the planet create a huge problem for the environment. In addition, cows, chickens and other livestock create a great deal of pollution and waste that damage the Earth’s delicate ozone layer and environment. In many cases, animals aren’t given enough space to live and grow, and they may be subject to unsanitary, inhuman living conditions. A much more humane and environmentally sound way to produce food is to use only vegetable products. By limiting the use of animals for foods, people can ensure better treatment for livestock and help heal the planet, as well.

Hampton Creek set out to alter the way that the food service industry and consumer goods uses animals in their products. They are currently manufacturing a line of animal-free products that can be used worldwide. Major food service companies have already begun using these Hampton Creek products, and they are now being sold at retail stores across the US. Though the company started with its first product, Just Mayo, and grew slowly, they just released a wide variety of new products. Brownie mix, salad dressing and more are now available that don’t contain any animal products at all. By using this type of vegetable-based product, people can better protect the environment and animal rights.