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Fun House Party Experiences with Drinking Games The experience of having a house party can be a very exciting one, especially if you know how to invent your own creativity of fun. There exist numerous games that can be a source of drunkenness and enjoyment as at the same time. Drinking games as they are, give players the joy of getting drunk in a whole fun manner with friends and not simply for the intention of competing with each other. This article focuses on the type of games that do not necessarily require the use of cards just so that you can play. The Power Hour game is just meant for consuming lots of alcohol. It does not have any special rules. Its only method of play is basically to consume a shot of beers with every passing minute for an entire hour. This is not an easy a task as it seems to appear. After an hour has lapsed, the total beer shot consumption should add up to sixty. Another fun drinking game is the Edward Forty Hands. To have this game played swiftly, the requirements of the game will be all about a duct tape and two players each with two 40’s of beer. Each player is wrapped with a beer in their hands in a way that they cannot be able to escape the trap until the very moment when the beer when bottle is completely consumed. Within that period you are not allowed to go to the bathroom, receive any phone calls or do anything at all. The reasoning behind this is just for players to have lots of enjoyment and alcohol consumption.
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The Flip, Sip, or Strip is yet another fun drinking game. Its rules are easy to manage. While the coin is still up, the player is meant to call out the words ‘head’ or ‘tail’. The player is supposed to call out the ‘head’ or ‘tail’ when the coin has not yet come back to the ground. If wrong, move it to your left and choose to take off an item of your clothing or take a shot of beer. You only have one choice to make at a time.
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The Quarter game is played with 3-6 players who surround a table. The first player of the game is picked by way of spinning a quarter on the table. The game then begins when it points at a person with its nose. The shooter struggles to bounce a quarter off the table and into the glass. If this goes through, then the shooter picks on a random player to consume a debatable quantity of alcohol. If not successful, the turn of the player is ended and the game moves on to the next player.