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All About Songwriting There appears to be common threads to basic components of a successful song when you are studying songs as well as songwriting. Like all other people, the song’s success is measured according to its popularity more than other factors however, we should know that it isn’t the sole factor that must be considered. And with this being said, let us look at the elements that compose songs in today’s world. The list below is in no particular order. Number 1. Melody – basically, the tune of the song that you play or sing is called the melody. The best melodies are the ones that are catchy. Normally, this means that the melody is memorable and can be recalled easily. Number 2. Chords or chord progression – the chord accompanies the melody of the song. Not only that, this can be and is normally part of the song’s rhythm. Chord progression is basically the order to which the chords are being played.
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Number 3. Rhythm and beat – it is the beat of the song that helps driving listeners to feel the song. It’s referred as tempo or speed of song as well. Due to the reason that music is capable of stirring our emotions, we are often drawn to a song because of its beat. The rhythm on the other hand is the beat that different musical instruments such as bass, keys, guitar and drums are creating.
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Number 4. Style and genre – there are many different genre for songs it could be anything from R&B, country, pop, rock and so on, which is established normally with a rhythm and beat. The style may vary by the time the song is made with the instruments and/or words. The style of song would branch out from other genres including punk, alternative, rock, hip hop, blue grass and so on. Number 5. Story or concept – there is a theme or a story line being followed by all songs written. In most instances, the song title will convey the essence of that story idea while lyric is going to expound upon the theme or idea. Number 6. Lyrics – what is said to the song comes from the words called as lyrics. Lyrics are describing the theme, concept and/or title of the song being played. A lyric is often rhyme in rhythmic phrases in sections of music. Number 7. Song sections – the intro, verse, chorus, bridge and the likes are the different sections of the song. These sections are all working together in order to support the theme and idea of the song.