A James Bond Operation: Get a Girl to Like You While Being Discreet

Men need to be more discreet in their approach to women, and this will make them more likable. Let a woman know there is interest there, but do not make it obvious. Have her make the calls and do not go chasing. This will place a man into a beta status and it is exactly what winds them up in the friend zone. As a man is calling and chasing and doing everything in their power to win a girl’s attention, that girl is spending time preoccupied with someone else that is more distant.

This is most important in dealing with a girl who has a boyfriend. A girl with a boyfriend will obviously spend a lot of time with this guy, and the man trying to win her over will be squashed (literally or emotionally) if the boyfriend catches wind of this obvious pursuit. This is why being discreet is so important.

Men learning how to get girls to like you that also have a boyfriend need to practice the art of ‘seed planting.’ They need to plant an idea, an emotional resonance, and hope that it will sprout later down the road. For example, a woman says that she values a man that has a steady job. Her boyfriend does not. In this initial encounter, the man can express that that is unfortunate and that can really be a frustrating thing to deal with.

A few weeks later the interested man can ask if the boyfriend has found a job yet. It is a harmless question, but what the man is doping is watering the seed. The woman will be reminded that this is not the case (as is likely) and the new interested man will seem more appealing on a deeper level. It involves playing the game and doing it in a way that is discreet and subtle. Over time, the woman will realize that this man has the values she respects, and her boyfriend is a bumbling mess.

A girl with a boyfriend is not a game killer, and it rarely should be. it just requires a little tender finesse of the art of seed planting and covertness.