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Benefits That We Can Get From Eating Cherries Sweet and sour cherries give us a lot of nutritional value. The following article gives you the nutritional benefits that you can get from these petite fruits. One benefit of eating cherries is that we sleep better at night. The substance that contributes to a sleepy feeling is melatonin, which is abundant in tart cherries. It was observed that people slept more soundly when they drank tart cherry juice in the morning and at night.Melatonin can be better acquired by drinking the tart cherry concentrate instead of taking in a melatonin supplement. Cherries also balances our blood pressure. Sweet cherries contain potassium which is a natural blood pressure reducer. Studies have shown that people who eat more potassium rich foods like cherries tend to have less hypertension. Taking one cup of cherries has the same potassium content as a small banana. They also contain quercetin which is an antioxidant that helps keep blood vessels relaxed and supple. Relieving muscle soreness is another health benefit you get from eating cherries. The pain after a workout is lessened when we regularly drink tart cherry juice. The results of a study conducted on long distance runners revealed that those who drank tart cherry juice for seven days and during the day of the race itself did not experience much pain after running the distance compared to the other runners who took other drinks.Muscle pains are greatly reduced because of the antioxidants present in cherries which give this kind of protection.
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Cherry is a cancer combating fruit. Sweet cherries contain elements which help fight cancer, such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, anthocyanins and quercetin. The substances present in cherries are found to prevent cancer and also to prevent cancer cells from getting out of control. The cancer fighting substances are present threefold in sweet cherries than in tart cherries. The riper the cherries the better because when they darken, they produce more antioxidants.
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Cherries also help you flatten your tummy. An experiment on rats showed that rats that were fed cherry powder gained less weight and body fat than those who were not but were equally fed high-fat diet supplement. This is because tart cherries contain anthocyanins that activates a molecule that helps increase fat burning and decrease fat storage. Gout can be eliminate by regularly eating cherries. Gout is a form of arthritis that is caused by too much uric acid in the blood and causes swelling, inflammation and tenderness. Studies have shown a connection between eating sweet and tart cherries and the fewer incidence of gout in people. Eating fresh sweet cherries can lower uric acid levels and thus reduce gout incidence.You can also reduce uric acid levels in the blood by regularly drinking 8 ounces of tart cherry juice.