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Steps in Creating Chinese Hot Pot When it is cold and it is rainy season, we usually crave for something hot so that we can feel the heat during these kinds of weather and it is best suited to eat Chinese hot pot wherein there is a big portable burner that you can set-up in the middle of your table at home. Chinese hot pot is very popular in Asia and there are also many kinds of hot pot in other Asian countries but one thing is important and that is you have to like those people who is cooking your foods because you will be cooking your food in one common pot. In the country of China, there are many kinds of style of hot pot in every region but they differ from one another because of the broth that is being used and also the specific meats that are used. In the various regions of China, the ingredients like meat like lamb, fresh seafood like live shrimp, oysters and squid, flavorful broth that contains goji berries, jujubes and various mix of herbs and they also use peppercorns as additional ingredient are often used. It is possible for you to have a Chinese hot pot in your dining table at home but you need to prepare the equipment that you will be needing and the vegetables and meat that you will be cooking into the pot so that you can eat continuously. The portable burner and butane or the burner with butane are the kinds of portable burner that you can use in the middle of the table while you are simmering the foods inside the pot.
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The pot that you must search for must have a separator in the middle so that you could cook two kinds of broth and if you are just around six people to share this dish, you can set-up only one hot pot in the table. The other cooking equipment that you have to set-up during your Chinese hot pot session are the chopsticks, mini tongs, small strainers, spoons, shallow bowls for eating and small bowls for dipping sauces so that you can really enjoy this dish when you are eating with your friends and family.
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In cooking your Chinese hot pot dish, you can have a mixture of everything into the simmering broth like you can have beef, chicken and seafood and for the vegetables you can mix also green leafy vegetables of different kinds and with your own preference. In addition to the vegetables, beef, chicken and seafood, you can also add various kinds of noodles for carbohydrates into your Chinese hot pot like rice-stick noodles, needle noodles and fresh and dried noodles.