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Outdoor Living Houston 2017: Swimming Pool Covers and Enclosures Guide Your swimming pool is a huge investment so it must be protected by pool covers and enclosures. You can choose from a wide array of different types of pool enclosures and covers depending on the type of swimming pool you have. Inground or above ground swimming pool covers is highly beneficial during fall, keeping debris and leaves away from the water. Safety pool covers prevent animals and children from falling in, and they are secured into the ground so they do not blow off. Solar pool covers help keep the water warm because it capture heat from the sun. Swimming can be enjoyed all year round even in unpredictable weather conditions like autumn or spring summer. With its high clarity light transmission, polycarbonate panels helps provide protection of your skin from harmful UV radiation. Pool enclosures help reduce cleaning costs by keeping away leaves, dirt, and debris from the pool. Having a pool enclosure reduces your usage of water treatment chemicals, thus promoting better water quality. Pool enclosures also helps in reducing heating costs because of its high solar efficiency and reduced evaporation loss. You can also have an extra space for your family gatherings or for any special occasion. Just slide the retractable enclosure to an open position if you want to enjoy and experience open air swimming. With pool enclosures there is no need to open and close your pool each season, and it can retain its characteristics with its polycarbonate and aluminum framework for years. There are many swimming pool enclosure designs available online, and you can just tweak the construction material or shape to make it unique or improve designs. When changing specifications, you have to work closely with a qualified technician. The most common designs include a dome roof design, mansard roof design, gable roof design, hip roof design, and shed roof design. As its name suggests, dome roof design forms the shape of a dome or semi-circle, and to spice up the look or shape, you just have to work with your architect for a creative idea. Dome roof design is easier to clean and maintain than other designs of pool enclosures because snow or dirt can just simply slide off its dome-shaped roof. With its triangular shape, gable roof design is considered as a form of peaked swimming pool enclosure. A mansard roof design has edges angled and formed more than ninety degrees with a flat surface.The Beginners Guide To Pools (Chapter 1)

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